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Emedlogix NLP was developed taking into consideration the challenges in the present coding scenario, such as the need to meet aggressive timelines, missing codes, security breaches, and complex coding. We aim to continue listening and tailoring our application to our users' needs.

The salient features of our solution are:

Recognize medical records in any format –Word, PDF, Image CCDA or any other formats from Health plan.

Emedlogix recognizes medical records in any format
Emedlogix NLP extracts key information from medical records

Extract key information present in body of medical record and
supporting documentation.

Apply disease condition
detection algorithms

Emedlogix NLP identifies ICD-10-CM codes with precision

Shortlist final ICD-10-CM
codes and HCC values

Emedlogix NLP applies disease condition detection algorithm

Identify ICD-10-CM
codes with precision

shortlist final ICD-10-CM codes and HCC VALUES
use AI/ML to read coder's decision on final HCC to finetune backend algorithm

Use AI/ML to read Coder's decision on final HCC to finetune backend algorithm

Advanced Features and Dashboards

NLP code search and rules engine

Our application provides a code search functionality, eliminating the need for external applications.


We offer a first-of-its-kind NLP rules engine that allows for seamless client customizations.

Our Services

Emedlogix NLP offers the following services:

✓ Extract HCC codes and accessory information like non-HCC codes, Medications, and Orders
✓ Apply coding guidelines and client policies related to HCC code extraction
✓ Derive HCC values of the extracted codes and final HCC value for a member
✓ Apply AI and ML logic on historical data to improve productivity and accuracy

Markets We Serve

using NLP in Insurance company

Emedlogix NLP caters to:

▪ Medicare Payers
▪ Medicaid Payers
▪ Commercial Payers
▪ Value based care organizations

▪ Accountable care organizations

value based care organization
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