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Updated: Jun 30, 2023

What is CERT-IN?

CERT-IN, which stands for Computer Emergency Responses Team – India, is the primary central team which is responsible for any computer security related issues in India. It is an initiative by the government for tackling unforeseen challenges in the information security sector. CERT-IN is the national agency designated to perform various functions in cyber security such as – collection and dissemination of information on cyber incidents, forecasts and alerts of cyber incidents, emergency response management, and issuing guidelines, advisories and vulnerability notes.

CERT-IN has created a panel of qualified auditors to conduct auditing for various Government organizations. The audit includes vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, testing the external and internal security posture of the organization against internal and external threats. CERT-IN chooses auditors based on rigrorous empanelment procedure that evaluates the participating company’s technical skill and expertise. The empaneled auditors are then authorized to evaluate information security risks and controls of companies to be audited.

Emedlogix is committed to creating a Computer Assisted Coding (CAC) application that will simplify medical coding, increase productivity, deliver results with high precision, and reduce compliance risks.

Our inhouse comprehensive medical terminology database combined with Natural Language Processing (NLP) makes it possible to improve coding accuracy by making faster, better-informed coding decisions. Our solution guarantees greater coding consistency, fewer missed codes, and the reduction of incorrect codes.

Our team of Medical Directors and coding experts can review medical records, create code sets, review client sensitivities, perform impact analysis, and maintain client-specific code sets.

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