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Our Unique Approach

Our solution eliminates the dependency on any external database. There are no API requests
involved. Emedlogix NLP saves time, optimizes the coding process, and streamlines the revenue cycle. All this is achieved without any high-end Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Leaning (ML) technologies

What makes EmedlogixNLP stand out from other players in the CAC field are:

Emedlogix has custom built medical terminology databse

Comprehensive Database

​Emedlogix NLP has a custom-built medical terminology database that is comprehensive and is constantly updated

Automated and Optimized Coding

  • All HCC codes are derived for each patient using DOS

  • Non-HCC codes will be extracted for coder’s reference

HCC codes are derived for each patient using Date of service
how much time takes for NLP implementation


With Minimum to No missing codes, Emedlogix NLP can compete with an expert coder within 6 months of implementation.

Increased Productivity

  • Emedlogix NLP can read charts in fraction of seconds and extract code faster for speedy review and decisionmaking

  • Guaranteed 5x increase in productivity

use Emedlogix NLP for production increase
Emedlogix has highest security


•HIPAA compliant

•PHI and PII data are handled with care

•ISO 27000 and Certin certified

•Medical charts can be processed on client's server for additional security

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